The Giant Dolls' House Project

So proud to be part of the LFA 2018 with a Workshop, a Lecture evening to raise money for Shelter and installation in the Department Store in Brixton in Collaboration with Squire and Partners.   Between June 16-24.

Installation in Edenton North Carolina

October 2017.

Come to the evening and book tickets. The cost £5.- and the proceeds go to the Housing and Homelessness Charity Shelter.

The Giant Dolls' house project is an ongoing collaborative community arts project that raises awareness about the importance of a home for all.  The project is the result of ongoing research into the use of dolls’ houses and imaginary homes as a way to explore domesticity and architecture by  Catja de Haas. The project has raised money at several events for  the Housing and Homelessness Charity Shelter .

Installation at thejamjardubai with students from AUD Dubai. With prof. Julia Townsend. January 2017

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Past installations: thejamjardubai; Shelter HQ (part of LFA15, with Artescape); Maestro Arts Gallery (part of LFA16); #critical values; Wimbledon Common Windmill; 80 The Gallery; TESTBED01 (with Artescape); Bournemouth University of the Arts; American University Dubai; AUL Chelsea.